Teacher Testimonials

Robin Williams

PEG Kanto Division from the United Kingdom

I came to Japan 18 years ago and knew from the outset that I wanted to teach children and help them to better communicate in English. My initial 3 years were spent teaching in kindergartens where my love of Japan and a desire to further my teaching development led me to look for a change.

One of my friends was quick to recommend his company, Kohgakusha. He painted a very positive picture of a vibrant company looking to expand. After attending the interviews and visiting a school I knew that Kohgakusha fitted my vision of the company I was searching for.

Having joined, I quickly discovered that Kohgakusha truly did allow its teachers to focus on teaching the students and offered a teaching environment which aided the development of both the students and the teachers.

Teaching in the classroom is always fun and rewarding. Everyday offers new challenges to overcome and the kind of satisfaction that comes from teaching children. At PEG, the teachers follow a curriculum but are given the freedom to create a lesson plan that is suitable to the students we are teaching. Children learn in different ways and PEG’s approach allows you to adapt your lesson plans to best fit the students you are teaching. This flexibility in approach is something that has enable me to really develop as a teacher and hone my approach.

Over the years, I’ve progressed from being a teacher to a senior teacher and from there to a trainer position. It has been a fantastic opportunity to pass on some of the things I have learned over the years to people starting their journey as teachers. At PEG we really value our staff and want them to enjoy their experience of working for the company. If the teachers are having a good time here, the children will too.

My teaching is always evolving and I’m so pleased that I found a company that nurtured my desire to be the best teacher I can be. I have many amazing memories over the years, but I still have much to learn and strive to do even better for my students in the years to come.

Steve Takeuchi

PEG Kansai Division from Canada

I came to Japan as a university student and was looking for a part-time job as an English instructor to pay my way through school. I found an advertisement for a part-time position at Kohgakusha. Thought I lacked experience teaching and working with children, I soon realized the joy and sense of achievement from teaching English and interacting with young learners.

After my initial experience at Kohgakusha, I changed my study focus at university to teaching. My original intention was to return to Canada after university, but grew to enjoy the Japanese culture and the teaching environment. After graduation, I decided to teach English full-time in Japan.

It has been 10 years since I joined Kohgakusha, and I continue to have new experiences. Initial tasks were focused on teaching classes, but as I gained experience, new opportunities arose. I became more involved with the planning of holiday parties, camps and events. I have been involved with the development of curricula and teachers. I have also given lectures and seminars at company events. Through the support of my superiors and colleagues, I hope to continue experiencing new challenges and contribute to the development of our programs and schools for our students, parents and teachers.

Ashley Shaw

ELC Kanto Division from the United Kingdom

I have worked at ELC for over 10 years now, and I am still learning new techniques and methods to apply in my lessons to this day. Keeping up to date with new methods and ways to apply myself has made my job the most interesting and fun I have ever had. It is very easy for me to say that I love my job.

When I started at Kohgakusha I wasn't sure what I had let myself in for, and worried that I couldn't teach as well as the other instructors I had observed. After a few months, and a very steep learning curve, I managed to find my feet and my teaching style. Ever since then I haven't looked back and have worked hard to develop my skill and help ELC grow into what it is now.

The division is always expanding and I have met some wonderful co-workers who I all class as my friends. With the support of the Japanese members of staff and the great mix of personalities here, I have never found myself lost in Japan.

Growing within the division has given me opportunities to lead and help in ways that I never thought was possible in earlier jobs back in England. With the great support structure we have here, I know I want to continue and be a valid member of the team and deliver high impact lessons that get the students motivated and have fun at the same time.

ELC is probably like nothing else you have experienced as a teacher, and if I'm to be honest, it is very addictive.

Julia Wischnewski

ELC Kansai Division from Canada

I am extremely glad that I chose to work with ELC after arriving in Japan. The support I’ve received and opportunities I’ve been given has made teaching incredibly enjoyable.

ELC has allowed me to work with kindergarten students and enrich their first years of school. Watching the children improve throughout the year has been very rewarding. The challenges that come with teaching children has allowed me to use my imagination to support them as they are introduced to a new language. Working with children means that I am never bored and am always trying to find new ways to encourage students to be excited about learning. I’ve found a good fit within this company and I am proud to be part of the ELC team.