• The Japan Experience

The Japan Experience

What to Expect - Living and Working in Japan

What should you expect from life in Japan? Whilst staying in your country, you will of course have access to an abundance of information about Japan through books, magazines, the Internet and friends who have visited Japan, and can well imagine what it would be like to live in the country. However, you might find there is a huge difference between preconceptions and a real life in Japan. When living in another culture it can often be difficult to adjust to certain cultural differences. However, culture shock doesn’t last forever. After a while you will begin to become used to Japanese culture and realize that it is not “better” or “worse” than your country’s culture, simply “different”. Also, Japan is a unique country with a mixture of its traditional culture and Western culture, so you can still keep in touch with your country’s culture while in Japan, which will ease the feeling of isolation that can accompany culture shock.

Everyone will encounter difficult moments or something that might seem unusual in your country while living and working in Japan. But, don’t worry, Kohgakusha staff will make every effort to support your smooth transition into Japanese society, and make sure that you can maintain a pleasant working atmosphere and enjoy your life in Japan. We would also expect you to make an effort to enjoy yourself in Japan while maintaining a dedication to quality teaching.

Here are some of our teachers’ comments

“Obviously, at times, working for a Japanese company can be very frustrating, but Kohgakusha and its routines can teach you as much about Japan as anything else. Once you accept the differences, it’s actually easier to work for a Japanese company than a foreign one. As long as you’re willing to put up with some language and cultural differences, I would strongly recommend spending a year learning about Japan and teaching truly amazing children.”

“It would in no way be considered a waste and you may fall in love with Japan like I have. My decision to pack up my life and move to a foreign country was the most exhilarating and terrifying thing I have ever done. I went through many emotions before I landed in Japan, uncertain if I had made the right decision. It was when I was greeted at the airport and shown my way, by a company that understood my anxieties that I knew that all was going to be okay.”

“Kohgakusha provides a welcoming atmosphere and go out of their way to give you full support in the initial transition into a foreign speaking country. My first few weeks of classes contained training by other foreign teachers, an introduction to my future students and constant contact with the company to ensure my new lifestyle change was as comfortable as possible. Even though Kohgakusha is a small company, they have a large company grasp on western culture and how important it is to have native speakers in the classroom.”

“Living and working in Japan has been amazing. It’s no secret that the work systems of Japan and Australia- and I’m sure England and America- are completely different. Having all been in the workforce of whatever country we come from, we are more than aware of the rights and responsibilities we are used to and the differences here in Japan.”

“I had only planned to be in Japan for a couple of years and then move on to the next exciting adventure. However, the longer I am here, the more comfortable I am becoming and the plans for my future become more and more Japan related.”

“My fellow foreign teachers (Australians, Canadians, other Americans, etc.) are a fun bunch, and we make it a point to get together regularly to improve camaraderie. There are many places in Japan suitable for this, finding a good time is not difficult. I spend my weekends bumping around Japan as I please, taking in the sights and meeting new Japanese friends.”

“Although there were a few transitional and cultural differences to become accustomed to, everyone was extremely helpful and patient. Not once can I say I have been homesick! Initially I was intimidated by the concept of teaching as it was not my area of expertise, but I found that with the willingness to learn, adapt to a new working environment and simply to have fun with the children that I have been privileged enough to have witnessed my children actually become more proficient at speaking English. It is an inexplicable feeling to see what impact you are capable of having on such little personalities. I will always remember fondly my time in this diverse and amazing country!”