Careers at Kohgakusha: Relocation/starting work

Relocation Support
  • Working Visa
    Kohgakusha sponsors employees with a Working Visa and will make necessary arrangements prior to arrival. Kohgakusha will provide the necessary application documents for instructors needing to extend visa status or renew the employment contract.
  • Housing
    An affordable and comfortable, single occupancy, semi-furnished apartment leased by the company will be arranged prior to arrival.
  • Airport pickup
    We will meet you at the airport and take you to your new home.
  • Airfare and financial support (for overseas candidates)
    A maximum of 30,000 yen will be granted upon arrival in Japan to partially compenate for travel expenses. Instructors must provide the original ticket receipt.
    A maximum of 50,000 yen can be loaned to you interest free to ease your financial burden in the first month.
  • The dedicated staff at our Human Resources Department and your school/division will provide you with the necessary support to ensure that you settle comfortably into your new surroundings (e.g. Application for a Registration Card at the city or ward hall, opening a bank account, etc.).
Starting Work

Overseas candidates will have a couple of days to prepare for both working and private life in Japan after arrival. An orientation and contract will be arranged prior to the commencement of work for candidates living in Japan as well. Your training will begin upon the first day of work at your school or division. We believe that the best way to acquire Kohgakusha's teaching methods, techniques, and philosophy, is by training on-the- job. The training period will be approximately 2 to 3 weeks long depending on the division/school and the individual. We will make sure your training is sufficient to enable you to teach with confidence.

Schedule sample

Day 1 Arrival in Japan, transportation to you accommodations.
Day 2 Company Orientation (contract preparation, introduction to the school, staff, teaching methods and materials).
Applying for a Registration Card at your local city/ward office (and applying for insurance if necessary)
Day 3 ~ 7 Work begins on this day.
In-Class Training/Observation

School staff will advise you regarding effective teaching strategies and classroom management. You may observe classes at schools to which you are assigned, as well as classes at other schools or divisions.
Day 7 ~ 11 In-Class Training/Team teaching
You will be teaching either with an experienced instructor or teaching a part of the class on your own while being given feedback from your teaching partner.
After 2 weeks Teaching classes on your own
To help you adjust to teaching at Kohgakusha, an experienced instructor or other staff member will conduct observations and provide feedback on your teaching.
Throughout the year Seminars and workshops
Kohgakusha conducts several divisional seminars and workshops throughout the year. These give you a chance to gain new knowledge and teaching skills while exchanging ideas with your peers.

Actual training programs will differ among schools and divisions.