Careers at Kohgakusha: Job Description

Job Description
  • 1.   Instructors teach English via various methods and activities and develop teaching materials and manuals.
  • You will be teaching English via various methods and activities in accordance with a basic curriculum, however, since we engage young students and offer a number of fun activities such as games, songs & dances, there should be a certain amount of flexibility in our curriculum, allowing instructors to adjust teaching style to best suit each situation. Therefore, we, as a team, make a continual effort to develop ever better materials and curriculum.
  • 2.   Instructors will participate in school events and various activities.
  • Apart from regular lessons, we plan a lot of fun events such as day camps, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, etc., throughout the year. Through these activities, we encourage students to have cross-cultural experiences that provide long-lasting, enjoyable memories. We believe that English is not only a spoken language but also a living culture. We plan and organize such Halloween costume parties, Easter egg hunts, Christmas parties and other cultural events to allow our students to obtain a glimpse of English culture.

  • 3.   Evaluate students’ performance and write progress reports.
  • Parents are eager to find out about how their children's English language abilities are improving. We believe it an important responsibility for instructors to establish a good relationship with students, their parents, and their teachers. We evaluate students’ performance, write progress reports and inform their parents of updated evaluations. Instructors also consult with school administrators to determine appropriate classes for students based on their performance.
  • 4.   Attend training seminars and the yearly company meeting.
  • We emphasize teamwork in order to build a better working environment. We encourage English teachers to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the company via corporate seminars. Also, we have a number of annual events such as the new employee ceremony, the yearly annual meeting and the annual corporate trip, attended by nearly all of our company members.
  • 1.   Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (in any discipline) or have completed a degree prior to arrival in Japan.  *For overseas recruitment
  • 2.   Be a native English speaker.
  • 3.   Enjoy working with children.
  • 4.   Commit to the position for a minimum of 1 year.
  • 5.   Have creativity, energy, and outstanding communication skills.
  • 6.   Have Good understanding of cultural differences.
  • 7.   Have a proper working visa (sponsorship available)
  • Experience living overseas, Japanese language ability, and teaching experience are not essential, but would be an advantage.