Contract & Salary

At Kohgakusha instructors are employed on a one-year contract with the potential for renewal. After the successful completion of the first year, a contract renewal may be offered. For those who complete their 5th year with the company, an indefinite contract without a fixed end date may be offered.

There is a year-end bonus awarded to full-time instructors upon the successful comple-tion of their contract. The amount awarded depends on job performance.

In addition to specific allowances, employees receive a salary of between JPY245,000 and JPY285,000 per month, depending on their educational background and assigned duties. Salaries are fixed and unaffected by the number of scheduled holidays an em-ployee may receive.

All employees are encouraged to improve their understanding of Japanese culture and the Japanese language. Kohgakusha offers both support for those who attend Japa-nese language programs and an additional monthly allowance for holders of JLPT N3, N2, or N1 certification.

Commuting costs to and from your place of work will be fully reimbursed and in cases where an employee’s working schedule exceeds their designated schedule, an overtime allowance is also provided.