The Kohgakusha Philosophy

Kohgakusha’s “interactive Education” binds together the practices and results of the past into one idea. It is called “The Kohgakusha Philosophy”. Each of our instructors is the embodiment of this idea. It is used to encourage instructors to continue their own study and to arouse the students’ own desire to study.

Fundamental Kohgakusha Philosophy

There is no work as noble as education, but there is no work as difficult as education either ‒ this is why we must not forget that “everything we do is for the student”, even for a moment. Each of these following maxims are statements reflecting our sincerity towards our students development and improvement. Our classes flourish or diminish depending on our ability to forge real bonds of trust with our students. We can never afford to be complacent as every single class is for the highest of stakes. To facilitate such a learning environment, we must pursue excellence in our organizational management.

Our Business Creed

Nakayoku 仲良く

Real harmony stems from the effort you put into forging bonds of trust and the encouragement you give to others, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

Tanoshiku 楽しく
Work worth doing

Truly enjoying your work comes from placing importance on perseverance.

Omoshiroku 面白く

Maintaining passion for your work by raising the bar every time you re ach a goal.